Zalman Levine

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OBJECTIVE This investigation was performed to construct a grading system for cranial base meningiomas that augments the current system of topographic labeling. This new system classifies cranial base meningiomas based on predicted surgical resection and patient outcomes. METHODS Two hundred thirty-two consecutive patients with cranial base meningiomas(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) affect the establishment and progression of endometriotic lesions in a murine model. DESIGN Pharmacologic intervention in a surgically induced murine model of abdominal/peritoneal endometriosis. SETTING Animal research facility. PATIENT(S) Eight-week-old, female C57BL/6 mice.(More)
Carotid and cranial nerve injuries from zone III (high cervical/cranial base) missile injuries are rare and difficult to treat. We have treated five patients with such injuries. We present our management scheme, and compare it to the management of the same injuries in other reports. Five consecutive zone III missile injuries presented to our institution.(More)
We present an unusual case, in which a woman presenting with markedly decreased fetal movements at 29 weeks gestation following a recent increase in fundal height was noted sonographically to have fetal hydrops consisting of scalp edema, marked hepatomegaly, ascites, and polyhydramnios. No lethal structural congenital anomaly was noted. Admission laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that known diabetes-induced deficits in female rat reproduction may result in part from decreased central alpha(2)-noradrenergic receptor density or affinity. STUDY DESIGN Female rats were oophorectomized and divided into 2 groups; one group received streptozocin during the operation to induce diabetes, and the other served as a(More)
A retrospective analysis of IVF data was performed to determine predictors of live birth rate in four common stimulation protocols. A combination of day 6 E2 levels, age, and day 3 FSH levels can be used to predict cycle outcome.
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