Zalili Binti Musa

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A video tracking system raises a wide possibility in today's society. This system is used in various applications such as security, monitoring, robotic, and nowadays in day-today applications. However the video tracking systems still have many open problems and many of research activities in a video tracking system are explored. Therefore in this article,(More)
There are several ways that can be implemented in a vehicle tracking system such as recognizing a vehicle color, a shape or a vehicle plate itself. In this paper, we will concentrate ourselves on recognizing a vehicle on a highway through vehicle plate recognition. Generally, recognizing a vehicle plate for a toll-gate system or parking system is easier(More)
Today, high quality image processing is required in security and surveillance systems. These systems must not only track the motions of humans, but they must also, in some situations, measure features such as height and weight. Few methods have been proposed for height surveying. Some studies show that an infrared ray technique can survey the height of a(More)
It is difficult to define the space that all people can feel comfortable. The reason is partly because comfortness relates to many attributes that specify an environment. People have different preferences, and sometimes even the same person changes his/her preference according the state of health, body conditions, working state and so on. Various parameters(More)
A video tracking system raises a wide range of possibilities in today's society, particularly in security, monitoring, and robotics. The most important research in tracking systems is to discover and develop an available method and algorithm for tracking an object's motion. The objective of this paper is to propose a new method that combines a prediction(More)