Zaleha Abdullah

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Independent students who are capable of learning by themselves are hard to find nowadays. Normally, most of the students would require some motivation to learn; either from their peers, teachers or parents. Self-motivation is an ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. Therefore, self-motivation plays a crucial(More)
Technologies have a potential to make learning more dynamic and capable of going beyond traditional learning boundaries. With the use of online technologies for example, students can interact with teachers and other students, regardless of time and distance. The learning process can also occur in synchronize or asynchronies. Meaningful interaction is needed(More)
Due to concerns about the effective teaching method for mathematics subject, the authors adopted the Hunter Model in order to teach students for topic Line and Angle. This method was implemented in the developed mathematics learning courseware. The 8 steps of this model were designed in the courseware systematically from the beginning until the end of the(More)
Gamification is a new form of approach that is being looked into in the world of education. With its game elements that relates to the needs of the current generation of users whose life is entangled in the world of technology. Yet the use of technology is not a one size fits all deal; thus it is important to identify how certain gamification elements(More)
Creative thinking is an aspect that should be given priority in the process of preparing a student to master higher-order thinking. It is particularly required, when an individual is in a situation to diversify the solutions of a problem to keep up with the current requirements. The process of acquiring creative thinking requires an environment that(More)
This paper examines the activity of an online community in developing design creativity. This involved postgraduate Malaysian university students and a tutor, and professional designers in an online community using Facebook to improve interface design (websites). Two research processes adapted from different communities -- one creative industries and one(More)
The rapid growth of technology has sparked a revolution in the world of education. The use of technology plays an important role in learning and teaching nowadays. However, the use of technology without applying proper pedagogy will not have a big impact. Flipped classroom is one form of pedagogy that stems from the proliferation of technology. Flipped(More)
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