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Nation branding in the era of commercial nationalism
This article applies critical approaches to branding and marketing in the neo-liberal era to a case study of a recent trend in media studies, international relations and tourism: nation branding. WeExpand
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Yugo-Nostalgia: Cultural Memory and Media in the Former Yugoslavia
Media and other cultural practices are being mobilized in former-Yugoslav communities in an attempt to re-create a shared cultural memory. Yugo-nostalgia paradoxically harkens back to a sharedExpand
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Former Yugoslavia On the World Wide Web
/ Since the violent collapse of former Yugoslavia, the `new' nation-states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia have attempted to position themselvesExpand
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‘Target’, ‘cancer’ and ‘warrior’: Exploring painful metaphors of self-presentation used by girls born of war rape
Children born of war rapes continue to be a marginalized political, media and academic topic in Bosnian and other post-war societies. The goal of this article is to contribute to the research thatExpand
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Living With the Sins of Their Fathers: An Analysis of Self-Representation of Adolescents Born of War Rape
Children born of war rape continue to be a taboo theme in many post-war societies, also in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). This study is based on in-depth interviews with eleven adolescents born of warExpand
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The notion of ‘the West’ in the Serbian national imaginary
This article deals with the imagery of ‘the West’ in contemporary Serbia. In an analysis of interviews with young Serbian intellectuals, it evaluates how they use the metaphor of the West toExpand
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Enhancing universal access: deaf and hard of hearing people on social networking sites
A model for examining the experiences and preferences of D/HH users of SNSs, a domain where psychology and computer science intersects. Expand
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‘War on terrorism’ as a discursive battleground: Serbian recontextualization of G.W. Bush's discourse
In different parts of the world the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been localized and negotiated by mainstream media and in other public discourses in rather diverse ways. This article explores howExpand
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The Kosovo Battle: Media's Recontextualization of the Serbian Nationalistic Discourses
In 2006, the international community started to finalize the political status of Kosovo, the Serbian province, inhabited mostly by the Muslim Albanian majority. At the end of October 2006, aExpand
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In the Land of Wartime Rape: Bosnia, Cinema, and Reparation
This paper focuses on one space of mass rape during the Bosnian war: The Vilina Vlas Hotel in Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina. By analysing Jasmila Žbanic’s film, For Those Who Can Tell No Tales,Expand
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