Zakir Hussain

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Bangladesh, the eighth most populous country in the world with about 153 million people, has recently been applauded as an exceptional health performer. In the first paper in this Series, we present evidence to show that Bangladesh has achieved substantial health advances, but the country's success cannot be captured simplistically because health in(More)
The determination of inflation is widely debated all over the world. The macroeconomic variables namely: money supply, income velocity of circulation, real effective exchange rate and real income of the economy are the main affect of inflation. The objective of the study was to investigate the impact of real effective exchange rate on inflation in Pakistan.(More)
This article examines the hydromagnetic three-dimensional flow of viscous nanoliquid. A bidirectional linear stretching surface has been used to create the flow. Novel features regarding Brownian motion and thermophoresis have been studied by employing Buongiorno model to examine the slip velocity of nanoparticle. Viscous liquid is electrically conducting(More)
A 45-year-old gentleman presented with headache, dizziness, and unsteadiness of gait. On imaging, he was found to have a cerebellar and a spinal intramedullary hemangioblastoma. To rule out Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease, we did screening of the whole abdomen with ultrasonography followed by contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the abdomen, and(More)
This article examines the effects of homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions and Newtonian heating in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow of Powell-Eyring fluid by a stretching cylinder. The nonlinear partial differential equations of momentum, energy and concentration are reduced to the nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Convergent solutions of momentum,(More)
In this paper we have considered a Patient Admission scheduling problem for reducing the patients waiting time by improving the resources effectively. Recently, appointment scheduling systems in health care services are at most important to respond to an ever increasing demand for care .its utilization is focused on enhancing the usage of human resources,(More)
This paper presents a review over the detection of edges by taking a flame as an input image. The identification of flame edge is the process of locating a boundary between those areas where a thermochemical reactions take place. The determination of flame edges is necessary for early fire detection, fire analysis and the estimation of various flame(More)