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This paper presents wideband E shaped MSA for high speed WLANs operating in the 5-6 GHz range. By using the slotted edge and changing the position of the probe bandwidth equal to 14.90% is achieved. The antenna is fed by coaxial probe feeding technique. The designed antenna operates in the WLAN frequency band i.e. 5.15 GHz -- 5.35 GHz and 5.725 GHz --(More)
In this paper a novel compact slit loaded line fed micro strip antenna is presented for UMTS/WLAN/WIMAX lower band applications. The proposed antenna has been fabricated on glass epoxy substrate having dielectric constant 4.2. The experimental results show that the antenna can provide two separate impedance bandwidths of 247MHz (about 15.10% centered at(More)
This paper presents dual wideband microstrip antenna which is designed using stacking configuration to give a better bandwidth as compared to single layer substrate design. The designed slotted stacked patch antenna can operate in the Wimax, (2.2-3.4 GHz) WLAN (2.40--2.48GHz), and UMTS II (2.50--2.69GHz) frequency band giving a maximum bandwidth of(More)
The main aim of proposed work is to obtain a large bandwidth with reduced size. The proposed micro strip antenna has a wide bandwidth covering the range from 1.806-2.978 GHz. By using new inset feed technique, wide bandwidth of 68.69% has been achieved which is suitable for Personal communication system (PCS 1.85-1.88 GHz) and IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4-2.485(More)
In this paper, bandwidth of microstrip antenna is increased by introducing a slot of W shape and using stacked configuration. The proposed W slot MSA is suitable for high speed WLANs applications. By using different approach of bandwidth enhancement such as stacked configuration, cutting slot and changing the position of the coaxial probe bandwidth equal to(More)
In the communication system, signals are analogous to carriers of information, be it useful or unwanted. Hence it becomes essential to extract or enhance the useful information and remove any redundancy from a mix of conflicting information. This is the simplest aim of signal processing. The objective of this paper is to know characteristics of each filter(More)
This paper revealed the analysis of speaker independent isolated Pashto spoken numbers for determination of automatic speech recognition. Initially the database was developed, the database encompasses isolated Pashto numbers from sefer (0) to sul (100). Fifty speakers (25 male, 25 females with different ages) that can frequently speak yousafzai dialect were(More)
In this paper a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with a rectangular slot at the left side and a circle embedding in a square slot is proposed. The antenna is resonant at 9 GHz frequency. The antenna is good for directional applications. The antenna can be used for GPS application and for microwave virus sanitizer. The gain of the antenna is 9. 059 dBi.(More)