Zakir Ali

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In the communication system, signals are analogous to carriers of information, be it useful or unwanted. Hence it becomes essential to extract or enhance the useful information and remove any redundancy from a mix of conflicting information. This is the simplest aim of signal processing. The objective of this paper is to know characteristics of each filter(More)
In this paper a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with a rectangular slot at the left side and a circle embedding in a square slot is proposed. The antenna is resonant at 9 GHz frequency. The antenna is good for directional applications. The antenna can be used for GPS application and for microwave virus sanitizer. The gain of the antenna is 9. 059 dBi.(More)
In this paper a novel compact slit loaded inset fed microstrip antenna is presented. The antenna characteristics such as efficiency, radiation pattern and gain are presented in this paper. The proposed microstrip antenna has a wide bandwidth of 77.44% covering the frequency range from 1.099-2.488 GHz and gain of 6 dBi which is suitable for WLAN(More)
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