Zakia Hammouch

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In this paper, a fractional order economic system is studied. An active control technique is applied to control chaos in this system. The stabilization of equilibria is obtained by both theoretical analysis and the simulation result. The numerical simulations, via the improved Adams–Bashforth algorithm, show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.
In this paper we present approximate analytical solution of a time-fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation via the fractional iteration method. The fractional derivatives are described in the Caputo sense. The approximate results show that the fractional iteration method is a very efficient technique to handle fractional partial differential equations.
This paper is concerned with the numerical solutions of a variable-order space-time fractional reaction-diffusion model. The space-time fractional derivative is considered in the sense of Riesz-Feller, the system is defined by replacing the second order space derivatives with the variable Riesz-Feller derivatives. The problem is solved by an explicit finite(More)
In this communication we deal with the exact solutions called ”pseudosimilarity” of a steady free convection problem studied by by Kumaran and Pop (2006). They showed that there is no similarity solution for the case of a wall temperature as Tw(x) ∼ x 1 2 (resp. a wall heat flux as qw(x) ∼ x 3 2 , and a dimensionless heat transfer coefficient hw(x) ∼ x). We(More)
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