Zaki Brahmi

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Decentralized orchestration offers performance improvements in terms of increased throughput and scalability and lower response time. However, decentralized orchestration also brings additional complexity to the system, mainly, in terms of exception handling. The research presented in this paper is carried out on the basis of some previous work of the(More)
The Cloud computing forges the shape of the current era and the following ones based on delocalized IT infrastructure and sharing resources. However, the rebellious rise of cloud computing comes with concerns over energy consumption. Numerous reports which inspected Cloud energy consumption showed that the Cloud is an energy monster, specifically the data(More)
Energy consumption is emerging as a new crucial issue of the Cloud Computing environments such as data centers. The problem of power consumption is more challenging especially in the context of scientific workflows deployment in the Cloud as they trigger intensive computational tasks and data manipulation steps which begets excessive data movement(More)
Cloud Computing has emerged as a service model that enables on-demand network access to a large number of available virtualized resources and applications with a minimal management effort and a minor price. The spread of Cloud Computing technologies allowed dealing with complex applications such as Scientific Workflows, which consists of a set of intensive(More)
The Software as a Service provides complete software systems. SaaS is known as "on-demand software". In the Cloud Computing, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is widely used in SaaS application development. BPEL is the de facto standard for business process modeling in today's enterprises and is a promising candidate for the integration of(More)
Various experts, large institutions (like the US MIT 1) administrations and specialists in the field of technology consider data-intensive services as one of the major IT challenges of the 2010-2020 decade and made it one of their new priorities for researches and development. This type of application is observed in several scientific fields such as(More)