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—Computer memory systems are increasingly a bottleneck limiting application performance. Processor-In-Memory (PIM) architectures, which capitalize on merging the processing unit with its memory unit on the same chip [1], promise to remove this limitation by providing a tremendous increase in available memory bandwidth and significant reduction in memory(More)
We report a new progress in the development of a portable ultrasonic transcranial imaging system, which is expected to significantly improve the clinical utility of transcranial diagnostic ultrasound. When conventional ultrasonic phased array and Doppler techniques are applied through thick skull bones, the ultrasound field is attenuated, deflected, and(More)
PURPOSE Reference region models (RRMs) can quantify tumor perfusion in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI without an arterial input function. Inspection of the RRM reveals that one of the free parameters in the fit is uniquely linked to the reference region and is common to all voxels. A two-step approach is proposed that takes this constraint into account. (More)
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