Zakaryah Abdulkarim

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The rubber hand illusion is a perceptual illusion in which participants experience an inanimate rubber hand as belonging to their own body. The illusion is elicited by synchronously stroking the rubber hand and the participant's real hand, which is hidden from sight. The feeling of owning the rubber hand is accompanied by changes in hand position sense(More)
Previous research has shown that the integration of multisensory signals from the body in fronto-parietal association areas underlies the perception of a body part as belonging to one's physical self. What are the neural mechanisms that enable the perception of one's entire body as a unified entity? In one behavioral and one fMRI multivoxel pattern analysis(More)
What is it like to be invisible? This question has long fascinated man and has been the central theme of many classic literary works. Recent advances in materials science suggest that invisibility cloaking of the human body may be possible in the not-so-distant future. However, it remains unknown how invisibility affects body perception and embodied(More)
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