Zakaria Bellasfar

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The present study reports for the first time, the in vivo wound healing potential of Punica granatum L. peels. A 5% (w/w) methanolic extract based-ointment was formulated and evaluated for its wound healing in guinea pigs. The ointment was applied in vivo on the paravertebral area of twelve excised wounded models once a day for 10 consecutive days. The(More)
AIMS Acetamiprid (ACE) is an insecticide of the neonicotinoid family, the most widely used in the world. Herein, we assessed the effect of ACE on either the humoral or cellular immune responses of rodents. We also evaluated the role of curcumin in the restoration of altered immune responses after ACE treatment. METHODS Five groups of five Swiss Albino(More)
1. Severe cases of scorpion envenomation (SE) generally show both respiratory and cardiocirculatory dysfunction. However, the pathophysiology of SE remains controversial. In the present study, we tried to explain the pathophysiology of the haemodynamic perturbations and cardiac failure in rats poisoned by the venom of Buthus occitanus tunetanus through a(More)
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