Zairul Azwan Mohd Azman

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The study concerned the identification of the beta-thalassaemia mutations that were present in 24 patients with beta-thalassaemia major who were transfusion dependent. The application of a modified polymerase chain reaction, the amplification refractory system (ARMS) was found to be an effective and rapid method for the identification of the(More)
Background: Anastomotic leaks in colorectal surgery results in a high morbidity and mortality rate. Serum procalcitonin levels is known as a sensitive and specific marker of sepsis and could be use as a marker for early detection of a leak allowing early intervention. It may help a clinician decide to perform a CT scan even earlier especially when the(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical smoke containing potentially carcinogenic and harmful materials is an inevitable consequence of surgical energy devices, and constitutes a substantial occupational hazard in the operating room. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of a built-in-filter trocar in eliminating hazardous surgical smoke during laparoscopic and robotic(More)
Haemoglobin Bart's hydrops fetalis is the result of complete absence of functional alpha-globin genes where the fetus is homozygous for the alpha 0-thal gene. Prenatal diagnosis can be made by analysis of fetal DNA from chorionic villus, amniotic cells and fetal blood. Earlier studies for analysing genomic DNA needed digestion with restriction enzymes and(More)
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