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—In this paper, a multimachine power system is first represented as the generalized Hamiltonian control system with dissipation. Then, a decentralized saturated steam valving and ex-citation controller, which is staticly measurable, is proposed based on the Hamiltonian function method. Last, an example of three-machine power system is discussed in detail.
—This note deals with chained form systems with strongly nonlinear unmodeled dynamics and external disturbances. The objective is to design a robust nonlinear state feedback law such that the closed-loop system is globally-exponentially stable. We propose a novel switching control strategy involving the use of input/state scaling and integrator(More)
This paper deals with chained form systems with strongly nonlinear disturbances and drift terms. The objective is to design robust nonlinear output feedback laws such that the closed-loop systems are globally exponentially stable. The systematic strategy combines the input-state-scaling technique with the so-called backstepping procedure. A dynamic output(More)
We investigate the decoherence control coupled to a rather general environment, i.e., without using the Markov approximation. Markovian errors generally require high-energy excitations (of the reservoir) and tend to destroy the scalability of the adiabatic quantum computation. Especially, we find that deriving optimal control using the Pontryagin maximum(More)