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To allow genome-scale identification of genes that regulate cellular signaling, we cloned >90% of all human full-length protein kinase cDNAs and constructed the corresponding kinase activity-deficient mutants. To establish the utility of this resource, we tested the effect of expression of the kinases on three different cellular signaling models. In all(More)
A gene encoding the enzyme lycopene cyclase in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp strain PCC7942 was mapped by genetic complementation, cloned, and sequenced. This gene, which we have named crtL, was expressed in strains of Escherichia col i that were genetically engineered to accumulate the carotenoid precursors lycopene, neurosporene, and C-carotene. The(More)
Three cell groups, neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) dissociated from the embryonic day 11 (E11) rodent cerebral cortex, expanded NS/PC cultures, and cultured neurons from E15, were used to conduct a genomic study with differential display (DD). The mouse Af1q, homologue of human AF1q, was found to be significantly up-regulated during the neuronal(More)
BACKGROUND An antibody with cross-reactivity can create unexpected side effects or false diagnostic reports if used for clinical purposes. ERCC1 is being explored as a predictive diagnostic biomarker for cisplatin-based chemotherapy. High ERCC1 expression is linked to drug resistance on cisplatin-based chemotherapy. 8F1 is one of the most commonly used(More)
Protein cleavage is a central event in many regulated biological processes. We describe a system for detecting intracellular proteolysis based on non-conventional secretion of Gaussia luciferase (GLUC). GLUC exits the cell without benefit of a secretory leader peptide, but can be anchored in the cell by fusion to β-actin. By including protease cleavage(More)
Glial-derived nexin (GDN) is a proteinase inhibitor secreted from glial cells and it can enhance neuronal function. However, its expression and function in neuronal differentiation are not, as yet, well-known. In the present study, we analyzed glial-derived nexin gene expression in dissociated neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) (D0) from the embryonic(More)
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