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Direct dimethyl ether synthesis over mesoporous Cu–Al2O3 catalyst via CO hydrogenation
Syngas conversion to dimethyl ether (DME) is an important reaction (STD) in C1 chemistry since DME not only possesses high value but also can be used as a vital chemical intermediate. Here, we design
Heterologous overexpression of resveratrol synthase (PcPKS5) gene enhances antifungal and mite aversion by resveratrol accumulation
Higher PcPKS5 expression levels were found in young tissues compared with the stem and mature leaves and provides a stable genetic transformation mechanism for developing new plant germplasms in Huping jujube.
Effect of high temperature and drought stress on free proline content and soluble sugar content of {\sl Taxiphyllum taxirameum}
Both high temperature and drought stress increased free proline and soluble sugar content in the bryophyte Taxiphyllum taxirameum in Karst areas. T. taxirameum accumulated 2 times of soluble sugar
[Comparison of stilbene synthase from different plant sources for resveratrol biosynthesis].
These findings confirms that STS from certain plants has much higher catalytic capability and is likely to be one of the reasons causing differences in the content of resveratrol.