Zainul Ahmad Rajion

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Decompressive craniectomy (DC) is a surgical option in managing uncontrolled raised intracranial pressure refractory to medical therapy. The authors evaluate the addition of zygomatic arch (ZA) resection with standard DC and analyze the resulting increase in brain volume using three-dimensional volumetric CT scans. Measurements of brain expansion dimension(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationships of selected facial measurements with mesio-distal crown widths and dental arch dimensions in individuals with normal occlusions. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 276 subjects with Angle's Class I normal occlusions. Three-dimensional images of the face and dental casts were captured and analyzed(More)
Crest lines are one of the many types of feature lines that illustrate the prominent characteristics of an object's surface. In this study, we investigate one vital component to extract crest lines, the gradient of the maximal curvature. Most of geometry properties required to calculate crest lines can be obtained from the volume data during the process of(More)
Scientific data visualization is a process of transforming numerical data into a pictorial format conceivable by humans. The datasets generated by medical detectors and simulations is increasing in size and complexity. Additionally, the conventional desktop computers are not sufficient to process this datasets due to memory overwhelming phenomenon which(More)
The distribution of visualization pipeline components on the grid environments produces numerous implications. Some of these implications are related to the architectural design of these components in the grid services and required compatibility with these components. Additionally, even with the integrations of existing network monitoring tools to provide(More)
Imaging is a keystone for the understanding and delivery of craniofacial health care and recent developments have led to many diverse technologies and approaches. This paper reviews new developments in three-dimensional imaging, as well as three-dimensional facial image acquisition. Visualization and convergence of the data from these technologies are also(More)
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