Zainul Abidin

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This paper proposes a tea leaf diseases recognizer (TLDR), an initiative to recognize diseases of the tea leaf. In TLDR, at first the image of the tea leaf is cropped, resized and converted to its threshold value in the image processing. Then feature extraction method is applied. Neural Network Ensemble (NNE) was used for pattern recognition. The extracted(More)
– Data security is very important in data transmission. There are many methods to make the data to be secure. One of the methods is by using cryptography algorithm to encrypt the data. Using the cryptography algorithm, no one can take the true information except the one with right key and decryption method. In data security processing, microcontroller can(More)
Vehicle drivability is defined as the smoothness of a vehicle's operation at the will of a driver under all driving conditions. Currently, drivability evaluation is conducted through a subjective ratings-based test standard which is derived from established procedures. Human subjective rating can be inconsistent due to physical health conditions and(More)
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