Zainab Taqi

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From its discovery as a phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein in bovine brain to its designation as a physiological inhibitor of Raf kinase protein, RKIP has emerged as a critical molecule for maintaining subdued, well-orchestrated cellular responses to stimuli. The disruption of RKIP in a wide range of pathologies, including cancer, Alzheimer's disease,(More)
RKIP-1 is a metastasis suppressor that is frequently downregulated in aggressive cancers. However, the consequences of RKIP loss in primary or immortalized cells have not yet been explored. Using HEK-293 RKIP depleted (termed HEK-499) and Flp-In T-Rex-293 RKIP inducible cell lines combined with whole transcriptome analysis, we show that RKIP-1 silencing(More)
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