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Some network 66kV distribution system has some problems such as the levels of voltage along the loads are low and the loss along the line is big due to the long distance and the huge reactance, aiming at the problems, compensation effects of series compensation, parallel compensation and both of them are compared in the paper, basing on the principle of(More)
Using the BML (Biham, Middleton and Levine) model, a special one of the cellular automata models, the paper simulates and analyzes the two-dimensional traffic system controlled by traffic lights. The relationship among original density, average density and average speed of the traffic flow can be found through computer programs. It can be seen that(More)
As known to all, two major parts will lead to Circuitous voltage loss, one is the line resistance, the other is the line reactance. Due to the high voltage distribution lines with long distance transmission and big wire section, wire reactance is much bigger than the line resistance. Therefore, the research on the lower voltage drop loss of line reactance(More)
According to the characteristics of the power harmonic which includes steady and transient components and the wavelet analysis ability which processes unsteady signals and has the characteristic of multi-resolution analysis, the method of wavelet transform is applied to the detection of power harmonic. The method using wavelet transform to detect various(More)
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) algorithm applied to the Reactive Power and Voltage Control of power system (RPVC)was proposed followed by the Basic Particle Swarm Optimization(BPSO). The algorithm changed the stochastic initialization into uniform initialization and adopted a principle of particle searching by itself. Several particles in(More)
Network planning is one of the important content in the distribution network. In order to increase the reliability of power supply, to ensure voltage quality, and to reduce power loss, network planning method for distribution systems is proposed to form radial network automatically based on the planning analytical foundation. According to the load moment,(More)
In order to achieve meticulous management in reliability of power supply, the system of MBO (management by objective) is studied based on power distribution network GIS platform. First, a new coding method which used GUID (Global Unique Identifier) technology is integrated in spatial database design. The codes can describe completely the topological(More)
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