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This study examined the effect of sulphur (S) on the transformation of selenium (Se) fractions and Se species in soil and on the uptake by wheat of Se applied as selenite. Pot and hydroponic experiments were conducted at the wheat seedling stage. The Se concentrations in shoots and roots of wheat and soil were analyzed by HG-AFS-8220. Selenium content in(More)
SCIT is a classic algorithm in storm identification, tracking and forecasting. In this paper, we try to employ disjointed set ADT to improve the efficiency of storm identification firstly, and then try to improve the performance of SCIT tracking and forecasting strategy by optical flow methodology.
To clarify the effect of sulphate on the uptake and translocation of selenium (Se) by rape (Brassica napus L.) with Se applied as selenite or selenate. Three hydroponic experiments were conducted at the seedling stage of B. napus. Selenium concentrations in plant and culture solution samples were analyzed by hydride generation atomic fluorescence(More)
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