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Characterization of different component processes of photosynthesis is useful to understand the growth status of plants and to discover possible unintended effects of genetic modification on photosynthesis in transgenic plants. We focused on the changes in photosynthetic gas-exchange properties, reflectance spectra, and plant growth traits among groups of(More)
Here, we reported a valid approach to sort largediameter semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (sc- SWCNTs) from commercial SWCNTs using new organic conjugated compounds and achieved more than 10 highperformance printable sc-SWCNTs inks. Print p-type and n-type TFT arrays and CMOS inverters based on sorted sc-SWCNTs were obtained on rigid and(More)
In a field experiment, two winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars, Tainong 18 (a large-spike cultivar) and Jinan 17 (a multiple-spike cultivar), were treated with 78% (S1), 50% (S2), and 10% (S3) of full sunshine (S0, control) from anthesis to maturity to determine the responses of photosynthetic characteristics and antioxidative enzyme activities in(More)
In this paper, the 3D model of a LED luminaire is built using the software Pro/Engineer and then the model is transferred to ANSYS Workbench platform where the LED luminaire under the temperature and humidity conditions during step stress accelerated degradation test (SSADT) is simulated. The simulation results of temperature distribution, humidity(More)
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