Zaifang Xi

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During the process of signal testing, it is often exposed to interference and influence of all kinds of noise signal, such as data collection and transmission and so noise may be introduced. So in practical applications, before analysis of the data measured, the need for de-noising processing. The signal denoising is a method for filtering the high(More)
Respiratory motion degrades anatomic position reproducibility, and result in significant errors in radiotherapy. 4D computed tomography (4DCT) can characterize anatomy motion during breathing. Usually, the acquired 4DCT images sequences is out of order. How to rearrange the sequence, i.e. sort 4DCT images has been the focus of 4DCT. In this paper we propose(More)
Here, we report the enhanced upconversion luminescence of NaLuF4:18%Yb(3+),2%Er(3+) through core/shell structures. Among NaYF4, NaGdF4, and NaLuF4 shells, the first one presents the highest efficiency. These upconversion fluorescent nanoprobes with an oleic acid/PEG hybrid ligand can efficiently capture Rhodamine B (RB) and sodium fluorescein (SF) in opaque(More)
A new method for implementing complex wavelet transform (CWT) based on analog sampled-data circuit and singular value decomposition (SVD) algorithm is presented. To begin with, the real and imaginary parts functions of the complex wavelet base are approximated by using SVD algorithm. As the main advantage of this approximation approach is its computational(More)
We present a theoretical and experimental study of plasma optical modulation for probe lasers based on the plasma induced by pump pulses. This concept relies on two co-propagating laser pulses in carbon disulfide, where a drive laser pulse first excites plasma channels while a following carrier laser pulse is modulated by the plasma. The modulation on the(More)
The graphene oxide (GO) is successfully prepared from a purified natural graphite through a pressurized oxidation method. We experimentally demonstrate that GO as an optical media can be used for spatial light modulation based on plasma channels induced by femtosecond pulses. The modulated beam exhibits good propagation properties in free space. It is easy(More)
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