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BACKGROUND Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) is characterised by sudden loss of hearing of cochlear or retro-cochlear origin without an identifiable cause. Antivirals are commonly prescribed, but there is no consensus on the treatment regimen or their effectiveness. OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness and side effect profile of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine levels of confidence in the management of surgical airway emergencies by junior ENT staff. DESIGN Telephone survey. PARTICIPANTS 100 Senior House Officers (SHOs) from 100 hospitals in the UK, providing 24 hour first on-call emergency ENT cover. METHOD A list of questions was put to participants. The effects of different(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine how lubrication of the endoscope prior to flexible fibreoptic nasendoscopy affects levels of patient discomfort and pain during endoscopy. To assess the extent to which lubrication affects the ease of nasendoscopy and the quality of the image obtained. DESIGN Single blind, randomized controlled trial. SETTING Outpatient clinic of(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have shown that nasendoscopy is made easier with the use of lubrication at the expense of the quality of the view obtained, but had no effect on the discomfort or pain experienced by the patient. We set out to determine whether the advantages of lubrication with a standard lubricant (KY Jelly) could be achieved by using water,(More)
INTRODUCTION Floseal(®) can be of value in reducing blood loss and haematoma rates. The manufacturer's warnings include allergic reaction, poor wound healing and intravascular thrombosis. We aimed to determine whether Floseal(®) is safe to use in various head and neck surgery procedures. METHODS A prospective trial was conducted using Floseal(®) in 42(More)
OBJECTIVES 1. To investigate the feasibility of performing case-specific surgical rehearsal using a virtual reality temporal bone simulator. 2. To identify potential clinical applications in temporal bone surgery. DESIGN Prospective assessment study. SETTING St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College NHS Trust, London UK. PARTICIPANTS Sixteen participants(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review of the validity data for the virtual reality surgical simulator platforms available in Otolaryngology. DATA SOURCES Ovid and Embase databases searched July 13, 2013. REVIEW METHODS Four hundred and nine abstracts were independently reviewed by 2 authors. Thirty-six articles which fulfilled the search criteria(More)
OBJECTIVES 'Choose and Book' is a UK government initiative devised to allow a greater freedom of choice for National Health Service patients. The system is designed to give patients a choice of hospitals and appointment times, as well as giving their general practitioner (GP) more responsibility for appropriate prioritization. We set out to determine the(More)
To investigate the impact of mixing surgical subspecialty patients on post-operative wound infections. A retrospective analysis of post-operative wound infections in head and neck surgery patients before and after mixing them with urology patients. We selected two periods that are identical in duration and seasonal spread. The first was from March 2005 to(More)