Zai-min Jiang

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The beam-quality factor of an amplified spontaneous emission source based on a Yb-doped, large-mode-area (LMA), multimode fiber was found to be optimized when the gain became saturated. A model using spatially resolved gain and transverse-mode decomposition of the optical field showed that transverse spatial-hole burning (TSHB) was responsible for the(More)
Agroforestry is the most effective way for the restoration of disturbed land on Loess Plateau and the development of poorly local economy. Taking the tree-based intercropping systems of walnut or plum with soybean or pepper in the loess area of Weibei as test objects, the photosynthesis, growth, and yield of soybean (Qindou 8) and pepper (Shanjiao 981) in(More)
We assessed the sensitivity of regional CO source estimates to the modeled vertical CO distribution by assimilating multi-spectral MOPITT (Measurements of Pollution In The Troposphere) V5J CO retrievals with the GEOSChem model. We compared the source estimates obtained by assimilating the CO profiles and the surface layer retrievals from June 2004 to May(More)
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