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Biomass and nutrient accumulation in montane evergreen broad-leaved forest (Lithocarpus xylocarpus type) in Ailao Mountains, SW China
Abstract Montane evergreen broad-leaved forest was the natural vegetation of subtropical, mountainous central and southern Yunnan, SW China. Pristine natural forest, dominated by Fagaceae (Expand
Leaf litter decomposition of canopy trees, bamboo and moss in a montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest on Ailao Mountain, Yunnan, south-west China
Decomposition rates of canopy species and bamboo leaf litter appear to be controlled by the initial concentration of lignin, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) more than by morphological features of the leaves, and nutrient release was in the order of K > Mg > Ca > N > P > Mn > Fe, except for bamboo. Expand
Nutrient budget of a montane evergreen broad‐leaved forest at Ailao Mountain National Nature Reserve, Yunnan, southwest China
Hydrological fluxes and associated nutrient budget were studied during a 2 year period (1998–99) in a montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest at Ailao Mountain, Yunnan. Water samples of rainfall,Expand
Allozyme variation and conservation genetics of common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.) in Yunnan, China
The result suggests that the current center of genetic diversity for O. rufipogon fail to agree with that for cultivated rice in China, and an appropriate strategy for conserving the three surviving populations from Yunnan was proposed. Expand
Nutrient fluxes in bulk precipitation, throughfall and stemflow in montane subtropical moist forest on Ailao Mountains in Yunnan, south-west China
A study of nutrient movement through rainfall, throughfall and stemflow, as well as epiphytic bryophyte (moss and liverwort) biomass and its effect on nutrient composition of stemflow, was conductedExpand
Litterfall and nutrient dynamics in a montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest in Ailao Mountains, SW China
Montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest, dominated byLithocarpus and Castanopsis species,is the most extensive stand of subtropical mountain in Yunnan Province, SWChina. Litter production,Expand
Dryinidae of the Oriental region (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea).
An updated revision of Oriental Dryinidae is presented, together with illustrations of the main morphological characters and keys to the subfamilies, genera and species. Expand
Ex situ genetic conservation of endangered Vatica guangxiensis (Dipterocarpaceae) in China
It is concluded that the ex situ conserved population ML contains representative genetic variation to maintain long-term survival and evolutionary process of V. guangxiensis, and that more extensive ex situ sampling in natural population NS and NP is needed to conserve more exclusive alleles in ex situ population. Expand
A revision of the Chinese Stephanidae (Hymenoptera, Stephanoidea)
The Stephanidae Leach, 1815 (Hymenoptera: Stephanoidea) from China are revised and new synonyms are established and one species is newly recorded from China. Expand
Effect of Temperature on Development, Survival, and Fecundity of Microplitis manilae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
The results suggest that the parasitoid is well adapted to temperate and subtropical climates, which implies a significant potential for using M. manilae to control S. exigua and Spodoptera litura because most of areas occupied by these two pests belong to climate-controlled regions in southeastern Asia. Expand