Zahriah Othman

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Mixed Model Assembly Lines are widely used to produce different models as per customer's demands. The Sequencing is an important factor for an efficient use of Mixed Model Assembly Lines. We resolved the sequencing problem in favor of minimizing the total cost and keeping uniform usage of each part and cost model is presented. To get merits and demerits(More)
The process to utilize, the relevant information or knowledge extracted from large databases, into decision making process is called Data Mining. It is widely used in each sector but especially it helps a lot in health care sector so that complicated disease can be diagnosed easily and accurately. In order to diagnose the disease, a decision support system(More)
Many researchers have been done to assist in crime analysis. GIS is a powerful tool in many disciplines, for that reason we employ GIS in crime analysis as an effective crime-analysis tool. This system will give beneficial for the police department to planning, analyzing and use it for event modeling, tactical and strategic planning. This project deals with(More)
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