Zahraa K. Taha

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In this paper we present preliminary results of a study on the use of artificial neural networks to model and simulate the hand grasping. Results of this study will provide a basic understanding of the co-ordination and control of multiple degrees of freedom upper limb prosthetic devices and robotic end effectors when interacting with the environment. We(More)
Most automatic motion analysis system operates by tracking markers across a field of view. The markers are usually attached to the skin at the joints. For some applications such as measuring the motion of elderly and the disabled persons, this approach can be uncomfortable which ultimately can affect the motion itself. The protocol of some markers can also(More)
We describe a new approach to the animation of human figures which can produce realistic animation and based on artificial neural networks (ANN). A fully connected ANN is trained with inputs and outputs of key frames obtained from image analysis and key postures and parameters of standing, walking and running. A behaviour index is introduced as an input to(More)
Biomechanical consideration is becoming very important when designing a product. Animation and strength prediction tools are available to perform the necessary analysis. However with most of these tools, animation is achieved via a sequence of key frames constructed by manipulating the human model to the desired position in each key frame. The resulting(More)
In this paper, electroencephalographic (EEG) signals are analyzed and classified based on a new multilevel transfer function quantum wavelet neural network (QWNN) model. The independent component analysis (ICA) is used as processing after normalization of these signals. Some features are extracted from the data using the clustering technique (CT). The(More)
Data security is an essential component of an organization in order to keep the information safe from various competitors. This project includes the complete step by step implementation of Advanced Encryption Technique, i.e. encrypting 128 bit data using the modification AES-2Keys. The encryption process consists of the combination of various classical(More)
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