Zahra S Omer

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Bacteria belonging to the genus Methylobacterium are characterized by being able to rely on methanol as a sole carbon and energy source and by presenting a more or less intense pink reddish pigmentation. These bacteria, also referred to as pink-pigmented methylotrophic bacteria (PPFMs), are common inhabitants of the phyllosphere and are found in many other(More)
The type of culture media significantly influenced thegrowth-promoting or growth-inhibiting effect of sevenPseudomonas spp. isolates on cucumber, as didthe type of bacterial isolate. All the bacterialisolates also inhibited fungal growth, in vitroand the degree of inhibition depended on the growthmedium of the two cultures. The degree of inhibitionwas(More)
In examining the presence of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in supernatants of pink-pigmented facultativemethylotrophic (PPFMs) bacterial cultures, three out of the 16 isolates tested showed a positive reaction ina colorimetric assay. The presence was further unambiguously con?rmed by high-performance liquidchromatography in combination with NMR. The IAA(More)
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