Zahra Mashayekhi

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This report relates how tracurium was given by mistake, intrathecally, during spinal anesthesia, to a 38-year-old woman, who was a candidate for abdominal hysterectomy. When no analgesia was observed, the mistake in giving the injection was understood. She was evaluated postoperatively by train of four ratio, measuring her breathing rate, eye opening, and(More)
BACKGROUND In this randomized, double-blinded case-control study, we investigated the intravenous effects of ephedrine or phenylephrine on prevention of post-spinal hypotension in elective lower abdominal surgery under spinal anesthesia. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and thirty-five patients, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I or(More)
In this paper, convexity of chance constrained problems have been investigated. A new generalization of convexity concept, named h-concavity, has been introduced and it has been shown that this new concept is the generalization of the α-concavity. Then, using the new concept, some of the previous results obtained by Shapiro et al. [in Lecture Notes on(More)
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