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Mobile eye-tracking in external environments remains challenging, despite recent advances in eye-tracking software and hardware engineering. Many current methods fail to deal with the vast range of outdoor lighting conditions and the speed at which these can change. This confines experiments to artificial environments where conditions must be tightly(More)
In order to attack to a network, an attacker first must find vulnerability points of the target network. This task is done through scanning. There are many methods of scan detection. Most of these methods are based on thresholding. Setting a proper threshold value is crucial and depends on many parameters such as network structure and time window. In this(More)
Due to increasing number of network attacks, it is highly crucial to equip networks with an intrusion detection system (IDS). These systems must be able to deal with today's high speed and large scale networks. In this paper we propose a distributed IDS that performs both data capturing and data analyzing in a distributed fashion. This distributed mechanism(More)
Due to the extension of attacks to computer networks in the current decade, it is crucial to secure the networks in an appropriate and effective way. One solution is to have a host that supervises the situation for all the computers in the network and makes decision regarding possible attacks. This method is not effective in recently developed networks due(More)
An attacker has to " scan " susceptible points of a network before attacking. There are several methods of detection of such behavior which are mostly based on thresholding. As the performance of these methods is highly dependent on the value of threshold, it is crucial to adjust this value appropriately. This adjustment is not always trivial. In this study(More)
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