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Aiming to investigate the citation advantage of author-pays model, the present communication compares open access (OA) and Toll Access (TA) papers recognition in author-pays OA journals in 2007–2011. This is the first large scale study concentrating on all APC-funded OA journals published by Springer and Elsevier as the two greatest publishers authorizing(More)
Problem posing and metacognitive activities in teaching-learning materials can be incorporated in student-centred teaching methods. In the other word , these tasks involve learners in specific learning process by shifting of responsibility generating new problem and reformulating given problem from teachers to students through "Inquiry-based-learning "(More)
Since natural pigments are lost during the processing of beverages such as pomegranate juice, carmoisine, as an adulterant, is often added into the pure juice to improve color characteristics. In this study, molecularly imprinted polymers, as an adsorbent of carmoisine, were synthesized using acrylamide, methacrylic acid, and 4-vinylpyridine as functional(More)
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