Zahira Anane

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Several mathematical and physical models of corona effect have been developed over the world. The main difference between them resides in the modeling techniques and the adopted hypotheses. To the author knowledge, until now the ATP-EMTP (ElectroMagnetic Transients Program) package does not have such model. The main objective of this work is the(More)
Corona in the HV overhead transmission lines is a highly nonlinear and non deterministic phenomenon, it can be an important source of attenuation and distortion of overvoltage surges. This paper presents a mathematical model to predict the capacitive changes at conductor of transmission line due to corona. This model has been incorporated into the(More)
The electromagnetic field is an interest scientific subject on overhead transmission lines OTL under high voltage for the reason of their risk on the living organisms such as blood leukemia and others. The aim of this paper is to calculate the electric potential, electric field and the magnetic field around and near of high voltage transmission lines using(More)
Electrical systems are subjected to constraints more severe continuation with overvoltage's which can be due to lightning and switching strikes. Under the influence of the intense corona effect which accompanies of atmospheric overvoltage, these overvoltages undergo deformations at the same time as an attenuation of their amplitude, this phenomenon of(More)
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