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The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: an Empirical Investigation
The changing modes of international transactions and the cross-border mobilisation of factor resources, in pursuance of transnational production, constitute new dimensions for sustained economicExpand
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CPEC and Regional Integration
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an emerging debate. This project called a ‘game-changer’ for Pakistan-China and for whole region. The main argument based on the phenomena of economicExpand
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Measurement of Cost of Capital for Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: A Neoclassical Approach
Capital can move inside and outside the boundaries of a country in search of the highest financial return and greatest security for its operation in the host regions. High return from investment isExpand
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The Impact of Ownership Types on the Value of Discretionary Accruals: What is the Role of Audit Committee? Evidence from Pakistan
The research paper attempts to investigate the connection between Ownership Structure and Audit Committee Effectiveness on discretionary accruals in Pakistan. This study analyzed 5 years of data overExpand
US Strategy in Afghanistan: From Attack to Talks
The US emerged as a responsible actor post world war 2 nd when the Europe heavily damaged by the two destructive wars. Keeping the world politics balanced on the principles of bipolar system, USSRExpand
Contribution of OPF Schools for the Edcuation of Overseas Pakistanis at Secondary Level
The present study was designed to assess the contribution of OPF schools for the education of Overseas Pakistanis at secondary level. The study analyzed the enrolment trends and achievements of OPFExpand
Afghanistan, till the Iranian Revolution in February 1979, had never been a priority item in the US foreign policy agenda. Though the US and Afghanistan have co-existed as independent states for moreExpand
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Pakistan-Iran Relationship in the Context of Regional and International Challenges (2001-2013)
This research paper aims to examine the Pakistan-Iran Relationship in the context of Regional and International challenges emanated after 9/11 (2001). It will explore the internal and externalExpand