Zahir M Mannan

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Cytosolic Ca(2+) (Ca(i)(2+)) flux within the pancreatic acinar cell is important both physiologically and pathologically. We examined the role of cAMP in shaping the apical-to-basal Ca(2+) wave generated by the Ca(2+)-activating agonist carbachol. We hypothesized that cAMP modulates intra-acinar Ca(2+) channel opening by affecting either cAMP-dependent(More)
Acute pancreatitis is a painful, life-threatening disorder of the pancreas whose etiology is often multi-factorial. It is of great importance to understand the interplay between factors that predispose patients to develop the disease. One such factor is an excessive elevation in pancreatic acinar cell Ca(2+). These aberrant Ca(2+) elevations are triggered(More)
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