Zahir M. Hussain

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We propose a nonuniform sampling digital tanlock loop (DTL) that utilizes a constant time-delay unit instead of the constant 90 phase shifter. The new structure reduces the complexity of implementation and avoids many of the practical problems associated with the digital Hilbert transformer like the approximations and frequency limitations. The time-delay(More)
This paper p n a n t s a new class of time-frequency distributions (TFDs) suitable for efficient amplitude and instantaneous frequency (IF) estimation of monoand mud tiwmponent FM signals. The main characteristic of these TFDs, referred to as T-distributions, is that their kernels are functions of time only in the time-lag domain, hence the name time-only(More)
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is caused by mutations in PKD1, encoding polycystin-1 (PC1), or PKD2 (polycystin-2, PC2). Autosomal recessive PKD (ARPKD) is caused by mutations in PKHD1, encoding fibrocystin/polyductin (FPC). No molecular link between ADPKD and ARPKD has been determined. Here, we demonstrated, by yeast two-hybrid and(More)
Abstract: In this paper we derive closed-form expressions for the single-user capacity of selection combining diversity (SCD) system, taking into account the effect of imperfect channel estimation at the receiver. The channel considered is a slowly varying spatially independent flat Rayleigh fading channel. The complex channel estimate and the actual(More)
In heme deficiency, protein synthesis in reticulocytes is inhibited by activation of heme-regulated alpha-subunit of eukaryotic initiation factor-2alpha (eIF-2alpha) kinase (HRI). Previous studies indicate that HRI contains two distinct heme-binding sites per HRI monomer. To study the role of the N terminus in the heme regulation of HRI, two N-terminally(More)