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A technique for synthesising novel views of an object or scene from a linear combination of basis images, originally proposed by Ullman and Basri, is briefly reviewed, extended and evaluated in a series of experiments on simple test objects. A symmetric, but overcomplete set of linear equations relating a small number of control points in the novel view to(More)
Submicron sized hydrophobic and hydrophilic albumin microspheres (MS) were prepared using a chemical crosslinking technique. Spermine was linked to the surface of the hydrophilic MS. The degree of hydrophobicity for these three types of MS was investigated using a novel technique of sedimentation volume. The surface tension of the hydrophobic MS was 31 mN(More)
This aim of this study was to develop a microparticulate based oral drug delivery system, which could prolong gut transit time by binding via specific interactions to the gut mucus layer. Porcine gastric mucus was semi-purified and used as an antigen to raise a polyclonal antiserum in rabbits. The immunoglobulin fraction of this serum was isolated, purified(More)
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