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In this paper, we propose a method of detecting and classifying web application attacks. In contrast to current signature-based security methods, our solution is an ontology based technique. It specifies web application attacks by using semantic rules, the context of consequence and the specifications of application protocols. The system is capable of(More)
The popularity of distributed file systems continues to grow. Reasons they are preferred over traditional centralized file systems include fault tolerance, availability, scalability and performance. In addition, peer-to-peer (P2P) system concepts and scalable functions are being incorporated into the domain of file systems. This survey paper explores the(More)
Tele-immersive systems can improve productivity and aid communication by allowing distributed parties to exchange information via a shared immersive experience. seeks to foster the development and use of tele-immersive environments by a holistic integration of existing components that capture, transmit, and render three-dimensional (3D) scenes in real time(More)
Design patterns capture software solutions to specific problems that have evolved over time and reflect many iterations of work. Documenting such patterns promotes proven design and software reuse. There has been a growing amount of work documenting design patterns for security, however, little work specific to VoIP security. In 2005 NIST released a report(More)
OBJECTIVE We wished to determine the contributing causes of goitre among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh to provide baseline data before instituting iodine supplementation. DESIGN All pregnant women in a subdistrict of Modhupur, Bangladesh were assessed for goitre size and were asked to give blood and urine samples for measurement of iodine status and(More)
In the prevailing healthcare industry requirements, the demand of electronic medical record (EMR) has been increased to provide better healthcare to patients and provide convenient access to EMR. Healthcare providers are keen to move EMR's to the cloud. Cloud computing paradigm is giving insight to shared environment for EMR, however it brings a lot of(More)
Cloud computing is a computing paradigm that shifts drastically from traditional computing architecture. Although this new computing paradigm brings many advantages like utility computing model but the design in not flawless and hence suffers from not only many known computer vulnerabilities but also introduces unique information confidentiality, integrity(More)
This research investigates the automation of security assessment of the static and dynamic properties of cyber infrastructures, with emphasis on the electrical power grid. We describe a network model representing the static elements of a cyber infrastructure including devices, services, network connectivity, vulnerabilities, and access controls. The dynamic(More)
Application-level peer-to-peer (P2P) network overlays are an emerging paradigm that facilitates decentralization and flexibility in the scalable deployment of applications such as group communication, content delivery, and data sharing. However the construction of the overlay graph topology optimized for low latency, low link and node stress and lookup(More)