Zahava Koren

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The lifetime of solid-state image sensors is limited by the appearance of defects, particularly hot-pixels, which we have previously shown to develop continuously over the sensor lifetime. Analysis based on spatial distribution and temporal growth of defects displayed no evidence of the defects being caused by material degradation. Instead, high radiation(More)
Experimentally, image sensors measurements show a continuous development of in-field permanent hot pixel defects increasing in numbers over time. In our tests we accumulated data on defects in cameras ranging from large area (>300 sq mm) DSLR’s, medium sized (~40 sq mm) point and shoot, and small (20 sq mm) cell phone cameras. The results show that the rate(More)
As digital imagers continue to increase in size and pixel density, the detection of faults in the field becomes critical to delivering high quality output. Traditional schemes for defect detection utilize specialized hardware at the time of manufacture and are impractical for use in the field, while previously proposed software-based approaches tend to lead(More)