Zaharije Radivojevic

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Context: Detection of an unauthorized use of a software library is a clone detection problem that in case of commercial products has additional complexity due to the fact that only binary code is available. Objective: The goal of this paper is to propose an approach for estimating the level of similarity between the procedures originating from different(More)
This paper presents a general purpose discrete event simulator, named SLEEP, that helps students to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the domain of Computer Architecture and Organization simulator design. The motivation for developing SLEEP is given after an analysis of simulators available in the open literature. The analysis is followed by(More)
The paper presents a reliable method of extracting finger 2D gestures on an optical touch panel. All the testing data is captured from an optical AMLCD under the normal office lighting. The experimental results show that the method is efficient to correctly extract one or more-finger gestures from the shadow of finger(s) on the AMLCD. Development of such a(More)
Information extraction from large amount of data is the problem addressed in this paper. Efficient usage of data mining models and algorithms will be presented using the recent IPSI research as a case study. A novel algorithm based on the K-nearest neighbor model has been developed. The algorithm is general enough to be considered as a common solution for a(More)
This paper presents an optimization algorithm for transactional memory with lazy conflict detection. The proposed optimization attempts to minimize the execution time of restarted transactions. Minimizing happens during restart, by avoiding the re-execution of a section of a transaction that is unaffected by the restart. The proposed optimization builds on(More)