Zafer Kutlu

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2.5D packaging technology utilizing silicon interposers is being developed and used for high-performance applications as the demand for miniaturization and higher density continues to increase. Silicon interposers enable very high density interconnects using standard semiconductor fabrication process technology, but are challenged as size increases. An(More)
By comparing against in-house experimental measurements, this study evaluates the numerical simulations of hygro/thermo-mechanical deformations in polymer structures commonly used in electronic packages The simulations are achieved by using the finite element method (FEM). Two different material characterization techniques are utilized for displacements(More)
The Flipchip Plastic Ball Grid Array (FPBGA) package has seen explosive growth in the last few years due to its excellent electrical and thermal performances. In order to fulfill the requirements of increasing number of Inputs/Outputs (I/Os) with enhanced electrical performance, a full array 50mm FPBGA was designed and developed in conjunction using silicon(More)
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