Zafer Bilda

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This paper explores using Shannon's entropy of information to measure linkographs of twelve design sessions which involved six architects in two different experimental conditions. The aim is to find a quantitative tool to interpret the linkographs. This study examines if the differences in the design processes and the design outcomes can be reflected in the(More)
In this demonstration, we show an interactive artwork that responds to sound and describe a field study evaluating audience engagement within a public context. Audience in the public setting largely recognized the interactivity of the media immediately, engaged very briefly with the work and were highly self conscious about their behavior and voice during(More)
The cutting edge in the digital arts is a highly fertile ground for the investigation of engagement and the role of new technologies. The nature of audience interaction with artworks and the implication for the consequential nature of the interactive art system is itself important. This paper examines the process of experience evaluation of interactive art(More)
This panel considers the relationships between the interactive arts, audience engagement and experience design. What might each offer the other? Engagement and experience are central to current HCI thinking. We will present and argue about the research issues of defining and understanding audience/user engagement and experience in the context of art.
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