Zafeer Alibhai

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Clustering is one of the basic data mining tasks that can be used to extract hidden information from data in the absence of target classes. One of the most well-known density based clustering algorithms for processing spatial data is Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Application with Noise (DBSCAN) that uses learning parameters sand minPts to define the(More)
Until recently, centralized systems have been the standard approach for data and digital content sharing. Because systems have become more complex and peer-to-peer sharing rather than hierarchical sharing is desired, there is a critical need to utilize distributed intelligent system architectures. In such an environment, the system resources are inherently(More)
Distributed trading can be used to facilitate the exchange of both digital and non-digital goods between groups of users. Applications for trading include digital content exchange between groups of devices, such as digital media players. These devices, which have limited storage and processing capabilities, may also communicate via ad-hoc wireless networks.(More)
Decentralized software architectures are essential to fully realize the potential of distributed networks. However, developers are burdened with the need to create a communications infrastructure for a distributed system along with their applications. The use of a generic communication interface greatly simplifies the process, thereby allowing developers to(More)
A major problem with any solution for distributed generation (DG) is the coordination of distributed energy resources (DER) to meet demand. Taking a new approach to the problem, we consider off-grid implementations that would have the greatest impact in remote and developing regions. Our proposed system creates a micro-grid by linking together a group of(More)
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