Zafarullah Kundi

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether five days' treatment with injectable ampicillin plus gentamicin compared with chloramphenicol reduces treatment failure in children aged 2-59 months with community acquired very severe pneumonia in low resource settings. DESIGN Open label randomised controlled trial. SETTING Inpatient wards within tertiary care hospitals in(More)
BACKGROUND Co-trimoxazole is widely used in treatment of paediatric pneumonia in developing countries, but drug resistance may decrease its effectiveness. We studied the effectiveness of co-trimoxazole compared with that of amoxycillin in pneumonia therapy, and assessed the clinical impact of co-trimoxazole resistance. METHODS We recruited 595 children,(More)
The availability of safe and effective vaccines has renewed interest in the epidemiology of varicella worldwide. To date published data on the epidemiology of varicella in Pakistan is very scarce. Therefore, we conducted a study to determine the age-specific seroprevalence rate of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) antibodies in Pakistan. Between December 1997(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Using current WHO guidelines, children with wheezing are being over prescribed antibiotics and bronchodilators are underutilised. To improve the WHO case management guidelines, more data is needed about the clinical outcome in children with wheezing/pneumonia overlap. METHODOLOGY In a multicentre prospective study, children aged 1-59(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify the common causes and contributory factors for high neonatal mortality in Pakistan and propose effective strategies to safeguard against it. METHODS This retrospective study was carried out in Neonatal Unit (NNU) of Rawalpindi General Hospital (RGH) from January 1995 to December 1996. Relevant prenatal information obtained from(More)
An outbreak of Salmonella worthington infection in a neonatal unit occurred in a pediatric ward of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The index case was a prematurely born male child from whose clinical specimens S. worthington was recovered. After this finding 40 infants kept in that nursery were included in an investigation. Major symptoms were(More)
BACKGROUND Wheeze is a significant problem in children. There is a gradual trend of switching from oral to inhaled bronchodilator therapy. No randomised trials have been carried out in the community to compare the clinical outcome of two modes of therapy. If outcome with oral and inhaled bronchodilators is the same in young wheezers in developing countries,(More)
The study assesses gender differences and other variables related to diarrhoea in 500 children less than two years of age at a diarrhoea training unit (DTU). During the study period, 78% of the children (51% males and 49% females) who were brought for care had no dehydration. More female children were malnourished than male. Exclusively bottle-fed infants(More)
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