Zafar Ullah Koreshi

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Bio-Mechatronics is the field that deals with passive and active prosthetic limb design. The passive conventional prosthesis carries constant mechanical properties so that the motion of joints motion is not similar to that of humans while the active type prosthesis more realistically represents human motion. The latter is however, more expensive than(More)
Abstract—The phenomenon of forced convection with turbulent flow is chaotic, complex and hard to develop analytically. Only key to the problem is experimental correlations and numerical solution. The goal of our project is to validate the Dittus-Boelter equation, a correlation used to find the value of heat transfer coefficient ‘h’ for turbulent flow in(More)
1936091-IJET-IJENS © October 2009 IJENS I J E N S Abstract— Reactor components including fuel assemblies and heat exchanger tubes are beam-type structures with natural or forced boundary conditions or mixed type boundary conditions. It is difficult to model such systems accurately as it consists of both thermal fluid flow behavior and structure of hollow(More)
ABSTRACT Monte Carlo (MC) simulation has been abundantly used for simulation of radiation transport (thermal, neutron, charged-particle etc) in matter. In thermal radiation, for example, surface radiosities and subsequent heat fluxes have been accurately determined in configurations which are difficult for deterministic formulations. In this paper, we(More)
1940091-IJMME-IJENS © October 2009 IJENS I J E N S Abstract— Monte Carlo (MC) simulation is extensively used for solving thermal radiation problems in high-temperature environments, such as combustion chambers and furnaces, and irregular-geometry enclosures containing participative media such as combustive gases. The quantities of interest are surface(More)
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