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Non-functional requirements/characteristics are important for providing effectively every kind of services including web services. A realistic web service must meet both functional and non-functional requirements of its consumers. Therefore, it is important that a web services framework is augmented so that non-functional characteristics of a web service(More)
abStract Software testing in general and graphical user interface (GUI) testing in particular is one of the major challenges in the lifecycle of any software system. GUI testing is inherently more difficult than the traditional and command-line interface testing. Some of the factors that make GUI testing different from the traditional software testing and(More)
Publish/Subscribe is an asynchronous messaging paradigm that has been an integral part of modern Message Oriented Middle-ware (MOM) frameworks. However, recent initiatives to enhance usability and friendliness of modern web-based clients have ex-tended the use of publish/subscribe schemes beyond middleware. Some of the recent protocols, like Bayeux [6], use(More)
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