Zafar M. Iqbal

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The RNase hydrolysis of random-coil (alkaline form) poly A follows biphasic kinetics at low salt concentrations. However, its resistance to RNase increases with the ionic strength. Helical (acidic form) poly A is also susceptible to RNase but its hydrolysis follows first-order kinetics, and its resistance increases as the pH is lowered. These(More)
Wheat is a vital dietary component for human health and widely consumed in the world. Wheat rusts are dangerous pathogens and contribute serious threat to its production. In present study, PCR-Based DNA Markers were employed to check the rust resistance genes among 20 wheat genotypes and 22 markers were amplified. NTSYS-pc 2.2 was used to calculate genetic(More)
Ten varieties / lines of potato germplasm were screened out against PVX to find the resistant source. Out of 10, four varieties were susceptible, three moderately susceptible and three were moderately resistant. DAS-ELISA detected the PVX in leaves samples of different Potato varieties. Mechanical transmission produced the local lesion and insect(More)
ABSTRACT Infection of Schistocephalus solidus in three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus was investigated for over a two year period from Airthrey Loch, Scotland. Altogether 1301 fishes were sampled. A total of 1327 S. solidus plerocercoid worms were extracted from the visceral cavity of 385 fish. The prevalence was 29.55%, mean intensity (3.44)(More)
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