Zafar Ahmed

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One of the great challenges in the geosciences is understanding ecological systems in order to predict changes and responses in space and time at scales from local to global. Ecologists are starting to recognize the value of analysis methods that go beyond statistics to include data mining, visual representations, and combinations of these in computational(More)
Employing the currently discussed notion of pseudo-Hermiticity, we define a pseudounitary group. Further, we develop a random matrix theory that is invariant under such a group and call this ensemble of pseudo-Hermitian random matrices the pseudounitary ensemble. We obtain exact results for the nearest-neighbor level-spacing distribution for (2 x 2)(More)
A cross sectional study was carried out in July-October 2011 in Istanbul city, Turkey to determine the level of patients' satisfaction and factors influencing satisfaction toward newly reformed national health insurance. A total of 345 heads of houshold have been selected by using simple random sampling selection method. Data was collected via household's(More)
BACKGROUND Pneumococcal disease is the leading cause of vaccine-preventable death in children younger than 5 years of age worldwide. The World Health Organization recommends pneumococcal conjugate vaccine as a priority for inclusion into national childhood immunization programmes. Pneumococcal vaccine has yet to be included as part of the national(More)
INTRODUCTION Moraxella catarrhalis previously considered as commensal of upper respiratory tract has gained importance as a pathogen responsible for respiratory tract infections. Its beta-lactamase-producing ability draws even more attention toward its varying patterns of resistance. METHODS This was an observational study conducted to evaluate the(More)
Casemix grouping using procedures classifications has become an important use case for health care terminologies. There are so many different national procedures classifications used for Casemix grouping that it is not possible to agree on a worldwide standard. ICHI (International Classification of Health Interventions) is proposing an approach that(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The most frequent concern of patients receiving epidural analgesia for labour pain relief is post-partum back pain. This survey was designed to assess the prevalence of post-partum backache with and without epidural analgesia among post-partum women. METHODS The study was conducted at a university teaching hospital and women presenting(More)