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One of the great challenges in the geosciences is understanding ecological systems in order to predict changes and responses in space and time at scales from local to global. Ecologists are starting to recognize the value of analysis methods that go beyond statistics to include data mining, visual representations, and combinations of these in computational(More)
BACKGROUND The chewing of Khat leaves, a natural psychoactive substance is widely chewed in countries of East Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula, and is reported to be associated with a range of unfavorable health outcomes including khat dependence. The impact of Khat chewing on Health Related Quality of Life is yet to be explored. AIMS to measure(More)
A cross sectional study was carried out in July-October 2011 in Istanbul city, Turkey to determine the level of patients' satisfaction and factors influencing satisfaction toward newly reformed national health insurance. A total of 345 heads of houshold have been selected by using simple random sampling selection method. Data was collected via household's(More)
CONTEXT Diabetes mellitus is a growing health problem in most countries. In Malaysia, there was an increase in prevalence over the years. This makes diabetes also a growing concern in Malaysia, which warrants strengthening of the prevention and control programme. AIMS This paper aims to describe the profiles of diabetes mellitus type 2 in tertiary setting(More)