Zaeem Hussain

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Representative data provide users with a concise overview of their potentially large query results. Recently, diversity maximization has been adopted as one technique to generate representative data with high coverage and low redundancy. Orthogonally, regret minimization has emerged as another technique to generate representative data with high utility that(More)
In this paper, we focus on sparse signal recovery methods for data assimilation in groundwater models. The objective of this work is to exploit the commonly understood spatial sparsity in hydrodynamic models and thereby reduce the number of measurements to image a dynamic groundwater profile. To achieve this we employ a Bayesian compressive sensing(More)
There is more to images than their objective physical content: for example, advertisements are created to persuade a viewer to take a certain action. We propose the novel problem of automatic advertisement understanding. To enable research on this problem, we create two datasets: an image dataset of 64,832 image ads, and a video dataset of 3,477 ads. Our(More)
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