Zack Morgan

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When execution of retrieved intentions must be briefly delayed, older adults display deficits in performing those intentions (G. O. Einstein, M. A. McDaniel, M. Manzi, B. Cochran, & M. Baker, 2000). This initial finding was extended by showing age-related deficits with 5-s unfilled delays, with instructions to rehearse during the delay, and with divided(More)
  • Jeff Charles Kremer, Bethany Cheree Prudner, Sara Elaine Stubbs Lange, Gregory Richard Bean, Matthew Bailey Schultze, Caitlyn Brook Brashears +13 others
  • 2017
Targeting defects in metabolism is an underutilized strategy for the treatment of cancer. Arginine auxotrophy resulting from the silencing of argininosuccinate synthetase 1 (ASS1) is a common metabolic alteration reported in a broad range of aggressive cancers. To assess the metabolic effects that arise from acute and chronic arginine starvation in(More)
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