Zack C. W. Tang

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Growing evidence shows that injection of hyaluronan (HA) benefits ischemic injury in animals. On the other hand, cell therapy is an emerging approach to treat occlusive arterial diseases, although the low retention rate of cells after direct injection remains a major concern. Here, we tested whether injection of HA along with endothelial cells promotes the(More)
BACKGROUND Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have found wide success in circuitry, photovoltaics, and other applications. In contrast, several hurdles exist in using CNTs towards applications in drug delivery. Raw, non-modified CNTs are widely known for their toxicity. As such, many have attempted to reduce CNT toxicity for intravenous drug delivery purposes by(More)
The unsurpassed properties in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, strength, and surface area-to-volume ratio allow for many potential applications of carbon nanomaterials in various fields. Recently, studies have characterized the potential of using carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as a biomaterial for biomedical applications and as a drug carrier via(More)
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